Private Cloud Data Center

For the past years one of the IT mega trends has been “the cloud”. Many companies are rushing to the public cloud because it’s easy for them and quite honestly…because everybody else is doing so.

But it’s not really “the cloud” what everybody wants – it’s the frictionless CLOUD EXPERIENCE that we love. Like all larger companies very well know, that same cloud experience can be achieved with building your own PRIVATE CLOUD. The difference is that private cloud exceeds the capabilities of public cloud, listing a few examples:
– More control over your precious business critical data
– More hardware and software security
– More infrastructure and application agility

And the best part is, when you design and implement your private cloud using the best technologies from trusted vendors, private cloud will become significantly less expensive than using the same services from public cloud.

Join me with my introduction on the differencies between traditional data centers, public cloud and private cloud.

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